Cleaning Your Non Mechanical Keyboard The Easy Way

Late night food with caffeine or soda is mostly our favorite companions while getting some work done on our desktop PC. This luxury accompanying in our late nigh venture often results in some misfortune. Cleaning your Non Mechanical Keyboard can lead to an extended lifespan.

It’s good practice to examine your keyboard once in a while because before you know it your keyboard could be overwhelmed with bread crumbs, sticky soda, finger marks and even a thick layer of dusk.

Cleaning your Non Mechanical Keyboard

When you feel you’re ready to clean your keyboard from that awful grease and dirt the following steps should help you get your keyboard spic and span.

Remove Loose Dirt

  • Very important: Shut down your computer. Should you have a wired keyboard you should unplug it before getting started.
  • Turn the keyboard upside down keeping it tightly between both hands and give it a good few shakes to try to get the loose dirt out from under the keypads.
  • You can also use compressed air and spray between the keys to loosen the dirt.

Clean the Keycaps

  • Keycaps can really get sticky because this is the part of the keyboard that is being used the most. Get a cotton swab and dip it in some rubbing alcohol then brush the surface surrounding the keys. Should you be unsure of the strength of the rubbing alcohol try a small portion on the keys to make sure it don’t discolor or remove the lettering on the caps.
  • Using a cloth with isopropyl alcohol and gentle wipe over the key caps of the keyboard especially the Enter and Space bar where dirt builds up more.
  • Polishing my best gaming keyboard under 50 dollars I’m using a dry lint free cloth removing excessive dust.
  • When finished and satisfied with the outcome leave the keyboard for a couple of hours to dry then plug the keyboard back in if you are using a wired keyboard.

Final Thoughts

It’s essential to periodically clean your non mechanical keyboard and disposing of essential wast in one of our best garbage disposal units thus it will stay germ free and look and feel brand new.

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